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# Two different POMs are needed to build TestNG with Maven because it's not
# allowed to have circular dependencies.
# - pom.xml defines the project version "n-SNAPSHOT", builds, jars and deploys (but doesn't
# run the tests).
# - pom-test.xml declares a test dependency on "n-SNAPSHOT", which it will find
# in the local repository (~/.m2/repository). All it does then is run the tests.
mvn clean install -Dgpg.skip=true
#or if you want to sign the jar, uncomment this:
#mvn clean install
mvn -f pom-test.xml test
echo "To run the tests: mvn -f pom-test.xml test"
echo "To deploy to the snapshot repository: mvn deploy"
echo "To deploy to the release directory: mvn release:clean release:prepare release:perform"
echo "Nexus UI:"
echo "Wiki:"
# deploy without tagging: mvn deploy -DperformRelease
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