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Update CHANGES.txt to reflect my recent changes

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1 parent 4e167e5 commit 55cef1bbefe80733e754622a173080c8584245fe Bill.Michell committed Oct 13, 2006
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@@ -15,6 +15,10 @@ Fixed: Reporter.getOutput() returned an empty array if a timeOut was specified
Added: testng.xml now supports <suite-files>
Added: ant task can receive several listeners
Fixed: TESTNG-109 Skipped tests with expected exceptions are reported as failures
+Added: ant task can now select the parallel mode for running tests
+Fixed: ant task correctly deals with empty groups and excludedgroups parameters
+Added: ant task can override default suite and test names
+Added: comand line support for setting parallel mode, suite and test names
Eclipse plug-in
Added: Support for configuring per project usedefaultlisteners

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