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Fixed: TESTNG-192: JUnit XML output includes wrong tests (Borojevic)

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1 parent 7b15977 commit b68cf6de8b961ff9b5258ca7defe795f77faa917 cbeust committed Feb 25, 2009
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@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ Added: IAnnotationTransformer2
Added: @Test(invocationTimeOut), which lets you set a time out for the total time taken by invocationCount
Added: IInvokedMethodListener
Added: -testjar supports jar file with no testng.xml file
+Fixed: TESTNG-192: JUnit XML output includes wrong tests (Borojevic)
Fixed: @Parameters was not working correctly on @BeforeMethods with @DataProvider used on @Test methods
Fixed: testng-failed.xml was sometimes incorrectly generated (Borojevic)
Fixed: TestNG-228: Assert.assertEqualsNoOrder
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