Invalid HTML generated by org.testng.reporters.jq.SuitePanel#generateMethod #199

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atomicknight commented Mar 23, 2012

Line 86 in SuitePanel adds the message from a Throwable to the generated HTML output without escaping reserved characters, which causes rendering issues when such characters are present in the message. For example, given this test:

package com.example;

public class Test {
    public void test1( ) { org.testng.Assert.assertFalse( true ); }

The generated output is:

<b>"expected:<false> but was:<true>"</b>

However, the correct output should be:

<b>"expected:&lt;false> but was:&lt;true>"</b>

The naive fix would probably look something like this:


But this should probably be generalized into a utility class or the like. commons-lang provides HTML escaping features that may be useful as inspiration for this.

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