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TestNG reporter marks test as passed despite the test was not run by the IHookable. #201

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I have a custom listener which sets some global flag when any test fails:

public class MyListener extends TestListenerAdapter

public void onTestFailure(ITestResult tr)

GlobalFlag.failureStatus = true;


Then, I have a MyHookable which checks if that flag is set. If set, just print to skip else call the method.

public class MyHookable implements IHookable

public void run(IHookCallBack icb, ITestResult testResult)
//if previous tests pased , allow next tests to run
if(GlobalFlag.failureStatus == false)


//don't allow any more tests to run
System.out.println("Skipping test execution for "+testResult.getTestName());




I created 3 tests(Test1, Test2, Test3) and I made all the tests to fail with
Assert.assertEquals(true, false);

when I am executing these tests, I see that it's always coming in else block after executing Test1 and printing that test2 and test3 is getting skipped but, in the result at the end , it says
Test1 Failed
Test2 Passed(despite Assertion failure)
Test3 Passed. (despite Assertion failure)

It looks like reporter doesn't know if the test being skipped by IHookable.

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