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parallel-suites Rework around running suites in parallel
param-inheritance Handle suite parameters properly
parametertest Handle suite parameters properly
yaml Added support for <parameter> inside <include>. ServiceLoader test updates. More build adjustments
junit-suite.xml Verbose of junit-suite.xml back to 1.
listener-in-xml.xml TESTNG-468: Listeners defined in suite XML file are ignored
methodselector-in-xml.xml fixed a typo and a bad last minute edit to my test
package.xml Temp files.
serviceloader.jar ServiceLoader test updates.
suite-parallel-0.xml Test to ensure that suites are run in specified order if suiteThreadP…
suite-parallel-1.xml Forgot test files
suite-parallel-2.xml Forgot test files
suite1-1.xml Tests passing, need to add command line
suite1-2.xml Created src/test/resources, updated tests
suite1.xml Created src/test/resources, updated tests
testng-annconv.xml More build adjustments
testng-ant.xml More build adjustments
testng-configfailure.xml Ability to configure failure policy by Todd Quessenberry
testng-methodselectors.xml Added -methodselectors, tests and documentation.
testng-override.xml Created src/test/resources, updated tests
testng-package.xml Package testing xml file.
testng-remote.xml Forgot a file
testng-single2.xml Moved testng*xml to src/test/resources
testng-single2.yaml More Yaml tests
testng.yaml Don't display name: for packages if not necessary
testng_convert.xml Created src/test/resources
with-different-name-testng-xml.jar Added: -xmlpathinjar to specify the path of testng.xml inside a test …
withouttestngxml.jar Created src/test/resources, updated tests
withtestngxml.jar Created src/test/resources, updated tests
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