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Senior Project

Project Everest

Round 2 of Development (Senior Project Quarter 1)

Newly Implemented Features

Variable Player Number

(Completed 4/30/19) After much work combing through all of the game's systems that were initially designed with only two players in mind, the code has been changed to allow for 2 to 4 players to play together at once. The number of players is now selected at the initial menu and carried into each scene using a static class. Previously, each player had a static reference to the other player that never changed, so transitioning from that to a system where different numbers of players could be playing was a challenge and a good deal of code.

Loading Screen Functionality

(Completed 5/01/19) As a precaution to some computers being unable to run the game as fast as my own, I have built in placeholder loading screens that will eventually provide the player some indication that the game hasn't frozen while they wait for it to load.

Hitbox Refinement/Adjustments

(Completed 5/10/19) Some of the weapons seemed to be hitting an invisible wall upon defeating a player, meaning that a player who was behind the recently defeated one could have time to escape. This was fixed to prevent unfair playstyles.

Cursor Design/Implementation

(Completed 5/18/19) Navigating the main menu as it expands would be too difficult for someone to do without an indicator of where they were. A cursor was designed and implemented so that each player could control it if necessary, without having to rely on having a Player 1.

Options Menu

(Completed 5/28) The options menu will still be a work in progress, but the volume of the sounds and music can now be controlled directly from the main menu.

Mid-game Options Menu

(In progress)

Features to be Developed

  • additional controller support
  • additional weapons
  • additional levels
  • animation refinement
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