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=== OSMViz README ===
An OpenStreetMap Visualization Toolkit for Python
=== OSMViz License ===
OSMViz is released under the MIT license.
See LICENSE in this directory.
=== OpenStreetMap License ===
Tiles taken from the server
have a usage policy as outlined here:
These tiles are (c) OpenStreetMap & contributors, CC-BY-SA.
You can tell OSMViz to use any slippymap server provided
tiles that you wish, which may have its own usage policy.
=== About ===
OSMViz is a small set of Python tools for retrieving
and using Mapnik tiles from a Slippy Map server
(you may know these as OpenStreetMap images).
== Requirements ==
Python 2.5
Pygame and/or PIL
=== Installation ===
There is not really anything here for installing
this into your python library. You can put it there
manually if you wish, or just add the src directory
=== Help ===
See html/doc.html
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