The settings and software that I use to operate my MakerBot Cupcake.
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Kallisti System Support Package

This repository records the combinations of software that I use to operate my MakerBot Cupcake, Kallisti (serial number 69). I'm recording everything here for two reasons:

  1. I take an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach to operating Kallisti, so I change out the software pretty rarely. This repository helps me remember what I'm using before I make changes.
  2. I figured this information might help other people who own early-model Cupcake printers.

Cloning This Repository

This repository uses git's submodules feature to track dependencies. If you do a straight-up git clone it will leave the submodules empty. Instead, run

git clone --recursive

Using This Repository

This repository is structured as a set of submodules:

  • ReplicatorG contains the current preferred version of ReplicatorG from my fork. It has a lot of fixes that haven't yet been merged upstream.
  • G3Firmware-MB contains the current preferred firmware for the motherboard. I build the motherboard and EC from different versions, because my motherboard firmware has to be modified to support my 3G5D Shield.
  • G3Firmware-EC contains the current preferred firmware for the extruder controller. This is mostly a stock version for now.
  • sf_35_profiles contains my current set of Skeinforge tweaks for my bot. These may or may not work for you. I normally use these together with the Print-O-Matic feature in ReplicatorG, which introduces changes that are unfortunately difficult to version control.

About Kallisti

Kallisti is an original-series MakerBot Cupcake printer with a few modifications. If you want to use this software to reproduce my results, you'll want to make sure your 'bot is similar to mine.

  • Original Gen3 electronics.
  • 3G5D Mini upgrade for stepper extrusion (compatible with the 3G 5D Shield available from MakerBot Industries).
  • MK6 extruder using 3mm filament --- I've got a lot of filament to use up!
  • Heated build platform attached through the extruder controller.

For highest quality, I usually print with PLA plastic, and I always print from an SD card.