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//! Attributed text display.
//! This shows a mostly static screen of colored text, with some dynamic
//! elements for fun.
//! # Theory of operation
//! We allocate a static buffer, `TEXT_BUF`, to hold attributed text. Our
//! rasterizer expects that buffer to contain values of type `AChar`, for
//! *attributed char*.
//! Because we want to update the text from the application loop, but read it
//! during scanout, we enclose the buffer in a `SpinLock`. Before updating the
//! text in the application loop, we `sync_to_vblank` to ensure that we're not
//! racing scanout.
//! At startup, at the top of `main`, the demo fills the text buffer with text.
//! It then activates the display driver, giving it a raster callback and a main
//! loop.
//! The raster callback uses `m4vga::rast::text_10x16` to draw the top 592 lines
//! of the display, using the standard font, and then `m4vga::rast::solid_color`
//! to draw the partial last line. During the rendering of the text part of the
//! display, it locks `TEXT_BUF` on every horizontal retrace -- this is pretty
//! cheap, and won't race the application loop because we only call the raster
//! callback outside of the vertical blanking interval.
//! The application loop calls `sync_to_vblank` every iteration and then writes
//! an updated frame number into the `TEXT_BUF`. Note that we can use `write!`
//! here despite `no_std`; we don't have to write our own numeric formatting
//! code, which is great.
#[cfg(feature = "panic-halt")]
extern crate panic_halt;
#[cfg(feature = "panic-itm")]
extern crate panic_itm;
use stm32f4;
use stm32f4::stm32f407::interrupt;
use font_10x16;
use m4vga::rast::text_10x16::{self, AChar};
use m4vga::util::spin_lock::SpinLock;
const COLS: usize = 80;
const ROWS: usize = 37;
const WHITE: u8 = 0b11_11_11;
const BLACK: u8 = 0b00_00_00;
const DK_GRAY: u8 = 0b01_01_01;
const RED: u8 = 0b00_00_11;
const BLUE: u8 = 0b11_00_00;
static TEXT_BUF: SpinLock<[AChar; COLS * ROWS]> =
SpinLock::new([AChar::from_ascii_char(0); COLS * ROWS]);
/// Demo entry point. Responsible for starting up the display driver and
/// providing callbacks.
#[allow(unused_parens)] // TODO bug in cortex_m_rt
fn main() -> ! {
// Type some stuff into the buffer.
let mut c = TEXT_BUF.try_lock().unwrap();
let mut c = Cursor::new(&mut *c);
c.fg = WHITE; = DK_GRAY;
c.puts(b"800x600 Attributed Text Demo\n"); = BLACK;
c.puts(b"10x16 point characters in an 80x37 grid, with ");
c.fg = RED;
c.fg = WHITE;
c.puts(b" and "); = BLUE;
c.puts(b"background"); = BLACK;
c.puts(b" colors.\n"); = 0b10_00_00;
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vitae molestie nibh nunc ut metus. Nulla commodo, lacus nec
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sem nec dui. Praesent ligula turpis, auctor non purus eu,
adipiscing pellentesque felis."#,
// Give the driver its hardware resources...
// a display timing...
// ... and provide a raster callback.
// The raster callback is invoked on every horizontal retrace to
// provide new pixels.
|ln, tgt, ctx, _| {
if ln < 592 {
&*TEXT_BUF.try_lock().expect("rast buf access"),
&mut **tgt,
ctx.target_range = 0..COLS * text_10x16::GLYPH_COLS;
} else {
// There's a partial 38th line visible on the display.
// Trying to display it will panic by going out of range on
// the 80x37 buffer. Instead, we'll just black it out:
m4vga::rast::solid_color_fill(tgt, ctx, 800, 0);
// Save some CPU while we're at it by not invoking the
// callback again this frame.
ctx.repeat_lines = 600 - 592;
// This closure contains the main loop of the program.
|vga| {
// Enable outputs. The driver doesn't do this for you in case
// you want to set up some graphics before doing so.
let mut frame_no = 0;
// Spin forever!
loop {
use core::fmt::Write;
let mut buf = TEXT_BUF.try_lock().expect("app buf access");
let mut c = Cursor::new(&mut *buf);
c.goto(36, 0); = 0;
c.fg = 0b00_11_00;
write!(&mut c, "Welcome to frame {}", frame_no).unwrap();
frame_no += 1;
/// A simple cursor wrapping a text buffer. Provides terminal-style operations.
struct Cursor<'a> {
buf: &'a mut [AChar; COLS * ROWS],
row: usize,
col: usize,
fg: m4vga::Pixel,
bg: m4vga::Pixel,
impl<'a> Cursor<'a> {
pub fn new(buf: &'a mut [AChar; COLS * ROWS]) -> Self {
Cursor {
row: 0,
col: 0,
fg: 0xFF,
bg: 0b100000,
/// Types a character terminal-style and advances the cursor. `'\n'` is
/// interpreted as carriage return plus line feed.
pub fn putc(&mut self, c: u8) {
match c {
b'\n' => {
let pos = self.row * COLS + self.col;
let end_of_line = (pos + (COLS - 1)) / COLS * COLS;
for p in &mut self.buf[pos..end_of_line] {
*p = AChar::from_ascii_char(b' ')
self.col = 0;
self.row += 1;
_ => {
self.buf[self.row * COLS + self.col] =
self.col += 1;
if self.col == COLS {
self.col = 0;
self.row += 1;
/// Types each character from an ASCII slice.
pub fn puts(&mut self, s: &[u8]) {
for c in s {
/// Repositions the cursor.
pub fn goto(&mut self, row: usize, col: usize) {
assert!(row < ROWS);
assert!(col < COLS);
self.row = row;
self.col = col;
/// Allows use of a `Cursor` in formatting and `write!`.
impl<'a> core::fmt::Write for Cursor<'a> {
fn write_str(&mut self, s: &str) -> core::fmt::Result {
for c in s.chars() {
let c = c as u32;
self.putc(c as u8);
/// Wires up the PendSV handler expected by the driver.
#[link_section = ".ramcode"]
fn PendSV() {
/// Wires up the TIM3 handler expected by the driver.
#[link_section = ".ramcode"]
fn TIM3() {
/// Wires up the TIM4 handler expected by the driver.
#[link_section = ".ramcode"]
fn TIM4() {
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