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Vocabulary Matching Tool

The Vocabulary Matching Tool developed as part of the ARIADNE H2020 project builds on a tool originally developed during the ARIADNE FP7 Project. It is intended to aid in the creation of mappings from locally used terms/concepts to the Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT). The aim of the mapping exercise is to identify subject mappings from source terms/concepts to AAT concepts that are likely to be useful to assist subsequent browsing and searching of the data. The creation of mappings to a common spine vocabulary will enable improved opportunities for multilingual subject access and cross search, by aggregating mappings from multiple data partners. The application presents an editable table of currently derived matches with a direct AAT lookup facility to make more informed mapping decisions. The set of mappings created may be exported to JSON or delimited text (CSV) format for use in other applications.

This tool requires a fairly modern web browser to function correctly. It has been tested on Google Chrome Version 74.0.3729.131 (64-bit) and on Safari 12.1. Unfortunately it does not yet work on Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge browser. This application is (currently) deployed to

All source code used in the deployed application is included here, and is made available under a Creative Commons zero (CC0) license. This source code also contains one external script sparql-proxy.php, which was obtained from, the script is made available there under the GNU General Public License v2.0.


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