Web service to up date an dynamic IP address on domains.google.com
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WebService::DyDNS Build Status


Simple web service used to update an IP address on domains.google.com if the current one has changed. Obtains current IP address using the WebService::HazIP module, then compares the results with the IP address that was set the last time the service was ran. It there was a change, the updateIP() method is then called to update the IP address using the HTTP::UserAgent module.


  • Maybe POST request would be better


  • checkPreviousIP()
  • updateIP()


  • One of the response codes from domains.google.com
  • "No change. No action taken."

Example usage:

use v6;
use WebService::GoogleDyDNS;

multi sub MAIN( :$domain, :$login, :$password ) {

  my $updater = WebService::GoogleDyDNS.new(domainName => $domain, login => $login , password => $password );
  if $updater.outdated { say $updater.updateIP(); } else { say "No change. No action taken."; }