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The Kubernetes Steering Committee
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Steering Committee


See the Steering Committee Charter for specific committee structure information.

Term ends in October 2020

Name Profile Affiliation Term Length
Aaron Crickenberger @spiffxp Google 2y
Davanum Srinivas @dims VMware 2y
Timothy St. Clair @timothysc VMware 2y

Term ends in October 2019

Name Profile Affiliation Term Length
Derek Carr @derekwaynecarr Red Hat 2y
Michelle Noorali @michelleN Microsoft 2y
Phillip Wittrock @pwittrock Google 2y

Initial Bootstrap Committee

Term ends in October 2019, positions to permanently close to leave final committee size to 7, to be filled out by elections every October.

Name Profile Affiliation Term Length
Joe Beda @joebeda VMware 2y
Brendan Burns @brendandburns Microsoft 2y
Clayton Coleman @smarterclayton Red Hat 2y
Brian Grant @bgrant0607 Google 2y
Sarah Novotny @sarahnovotny Google 2y
Brandon Philips @philips Red Hat 2y


Name Profile
Quinton Hoole @quinton-hoole
Tim Hockin @thockin


Schedule and Cadence

We have two meetings every month.

  • We hold an open and recorded online meeting where the community is welcome to join the first Wednesday of every month if there is quorum.
  • We have a closed but recorded online meeting every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 1pm PT if there is quorum.



Top-level Accounts

The steering committee delegates ownership of various Kubernetes community accounts like GitHub, domain names, etc to SIGs and sub-projects. However, the committee also reserves top-level account access for service governance in some cases.


Account Owner Brandon Philips Joe Beda Aaron Crickenberger


If you need the steering committee please email the list (archive).

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