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i wanted to start a wiki so i made this


Get Started

  • Clone this project
  • Open a terminal
  • Navigate to the cloned directory
  • Run python -m http.server 8900
  • Browse to localhost:8900 to use the wiki


Subjects are ordered into a simple directory structure which is mirrored by index.json.

You can fill index.json's subjects by hand if you want to avoid running a script. You can also run node monotome/bin/generate.js, which will update index.json for you.

This is the start page of your wiki and each within a subject folder is the overview page for that subject.

Inlined articles

Monotome supports a link syntax for inlining other monotome articles (i.e. plain markdown files) into a source article. This technique is commonly known as transclusion.


Any link <a> with an href referring to a local file & which has the anchor tag attribute download will be inlined into the document. That is, if one file has some content followed by <a href="example/" download></a>, then the contents of example/ is inlined in place of the anchor tag, at the position of the tag definition.


Monotome keeps track of backlinks, or incoming links from one article inside monotome to another. To discover backlinks, run node monotome/bin/generate.js. For a taste of what backlinks look like in practice, see the gif below.

monotome backlinks

Wiki syntax (searchlinks)

Monotome has support for the common [[wiki]] syntax, although it implements it in a slightly different way. When you use wiki syntax on a word or phrase in your wiki, a link will be created. Clicking that link will perform a search on the subjects and articles of a wiki and navigate to the first result of that search.

If the result was not what you wanted, you can page the searchlink results with the left and right arrow keys.

Just as [article](subject/ links are tracked with backlinks, so too are [[wiki]] links.


monotome's code and resources are licensed under AGPL.

marked.js is MIT-licensed and Inter UI is available under SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE Version 1.1

Read the respective license files for more information.