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Provides CSS and JS Minification for the Grails Resource Framework based on YUI Compressor
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grails-app Back to local yuicompressor lib due to mavenized version being broken.
src/groovy/com/blockconsult/yuiminifyresources Update resource URL if minified file exists.
web-app/WEB-INF Upgrade the plugin's grails version to 2.0.0.RC1
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LICENSE.txt Updated License Update
YuiMinifyResourcesGrailsPlugin.groovy Upgrade to yuicompressor-2.4.7.jar

YUI Minify Resources Plugin is deprecated

With the deprecation of the YUI Compressor tool ( this grails plugin has been deprecated too! You may still wish to use it in your projects but please be aware that no supprt and no bugfixing is provided.

YUI minify resources integrates with Grails' resources framework to automatically compress javascript and css files using the YUI Compressor tool (

Read the full plugin documentation at for more details.

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