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Trying to see why some pytave tests are causing segfault on pytave_ex

genuinelucifer and others added some commits Jun 9, 2016
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Use pytave for copying variables to python f6f71e5
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Edit python_cmd tests to comply with the new errors... 8563916
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Fix import errors (weirdly occur only sometime) d457a50
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Remove deprecated api call with new one a5bb29a
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Convert all tuples to list to allow element wise edits on the go 3cd4489
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Add necessary functions for more tests to pass. 4f3b3a3
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Add a recursive function to store vars to python a50c907
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Revert "Edit python_cmd tests to comply with the new errors..."
To allow build on travis to pass (with other IPCs)

This reverts commit 8563916.
@cbm755 WIP: rewrite recursion when storying variables
The function store_vars_in_python processes a lists (cell-arrays).
It calls itself if it hits another cell array.  This is just a first
draft, needs some fixes...
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Fix typo and use correct function to store sym obj 7cfd4b7
@cbm755 Merge branch 'pytave_ex_recurse' into HEAD e702622
@cbm755 fix-up sym importing
uses `@pyobject`: there might be a more direct way.
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Merge pull request #3 from cbm755/pytave_ex_recurse2
Pytave ex recurse2
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Add counter for naming var a34b608
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Merge branch 'pytave' into pytave_ex 06dac22
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Fix tuple return issue and remove dependency on pyobj for now 17eed9a
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Convert to int if param is integer. Fixes misc.tst test! 66b7679
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Merge branch 'pytave' into pytave_ex 172389e
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Add GNU copyright headder, and PyTave bug link, minor edits. d026ceb
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Minor Cleanup a5b5865
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Merge branch 'pytave' into pytave_ex 414e2e5
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Change variable storage to reflect latest pytave master changes. 3fa376e
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Remove more useless code from store_vars_in_python 0740c6c
@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer Use travis' own bookmark for the pytave_ex branch 8099098
genuinelucifer commented Jul 17, 2016 edited

So, Finally it has come down to the point that on trying to store a struct into python is causing segfault.
Trying same things on same bookmark/branch of pytave and symbolic is not giving any error for me on Ubuntu 16.04
I'll try to add some logs in my pytave repo and rebuild here tomorrow to see exactly what is causing the segfault...

cbm755 commented Aug 8, 2016

Can you produce the struct thing with a minimal nonworking example (i.e., no symbolic) and submit a bug to Pytave? Errors are ok but obviously we don't want it segfaulting!

cbm755 commented Aug 8, 2016

This MNWE seems fine to me:

octave:8> pycall ('print', struct('a', 1, 'b', 'hello', 'c', [1,2,3]))
error: pycall: error in argument type conversion

Are you still trying to get pytave running on Octave 4.0.3?


Are you still trying to get pytave running on Octave 4.0.3?

Sorry, I forgot about octave version on travis. I think it's 4.0.2 It doesn't matter if it's greater than 4.0.0 right?

And yes I did reproduce a minimal example which I ran on this PR. But since I saw a 'green tick' on a commit I hastily removed and overwrote this branch... I now feel stupid... -_-

I will reproduce this and file the issue...

cbm755 commented Aug 8, 2016

Whatever, 4.0.x. I mean as opposed to dev version (which is what pytave supports).

I checked and ppa:dac922/octave-unstable unfortunately doesn't support trusty, so we can't use it here. I used the launchpad form to email the author and ask about backporting it,

cbm755 commented Aug 11, 2016

dac922 said:

I gave up building octave regularly. Even my current PPA build for
xenial is pretty outdated.

So if pytave "just works" on 4.0.x then maybe this is worth doing, but as we've said a bunch of times, very low priority.


Sure... We can start merging stuff after struct-to-dict is fixed upstream...


Closing this as travis can't support pytave (yet)!

@genuinelucifer genuinelucifer deleted the genuinelucifer:pytave_ex_travis branch Nov 1, 2016
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