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Methods for detecting early warning signals of critical transitions
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Quantifying the Detection of Early Warning Signals

This package contains the source code, analysis, and history of my research published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society Interface, Limits to the Detection of Early Warning Signals for Critical Transitions with Alan Hastings, May 2012. A preprint under CC-by license is freely available from my website


Software for the analysis is provided in R package format, see the functions in the R/ directory. These functions can be made avialable by installing the package in R, along with its dependencies.

install_github("earlywarning", "cboettig")

The individual-based simulations occassionally used in the analysis require a seperate package,

install_github("populationdynamics", "cboettig")


Examples for executing the analysis provided in the manuscript are found in inst/examples. Additional examples and some further exploration are found in inst/examples/appendices.


Data files for the analyses contained in the publication are included as R objects as part of the package, see the data directory.

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