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The Jupiter Broadcasting Roku channel.

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Refactor PosterScreen to be more encapsulated and object-oriented.

Apparently some work-in-progress was previously committed, and this completes that work and integrates it.
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Chris authored

Just imagine sitting back on your couch, turning on your flat-screen, and watching Chris and Matt discuss the battle lines being drawn between the Wayland and Mir camps (maybe even in a monkey suit) in crisp 720p HD. That dream is now a reality, thanks to Roku and the Jupiter Broadcasting Roku channel.


This channel is currently in beta stage, and thus still a private channel. To use the channel, you can add it to your Roku by clicking the following link: You can also sign in to your Roku account and add the channel with the private code JBTV If you run into any problems or have any feature suggestions, feel free to drop us a note here.


The Jupiter Broadcasting Roku channel is open source! Primary hosting is located at GitHub, so you can contribute by forking and sending a pull request. If you would like to help with development or design, get in touch with cbojar in JB's IRC chatroom on Geekshed. To develop code, you will also need to register with Roku as a developer to gain access to their SDK. Having a Roku to test on is also highly recommended.

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