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Commits on Sep 23, 2011
  1. inputhook: improve CTRL+C handling

    Allow a first CTRL+C to interrupt the qt4 event loop
    and a second to trigger a KeyboardInterrupt.
  2. inputhook: make inputhook_qt ignore CTRL+C

    Not optimal, as this doesn't yet clear the input line.
Commits on Sep 22, 2011
  1. inputhook: make PyQt4 plays nicer with pyreadline

    PyQt4's own input hook is not really appropriate when PyReadline is active
    (and possibly other readline packages running the PyOS_InputHook repeatedly).
    Arguably this should be fixed in PyQt4 itself, but in the meantime we can
    install a local hook which does the Qt event loop processing in a less
    aggressive way.
Commits on Sep 21, 2011
  1. inputhook: make stdin_ready() function reusable

    Move it from lib.inputhookwx to lib.inputhook, as the former
    module can only be loaded if wx itself is available.
  2. Min RK

    Merge pull request #807 from ivanov/share-tunnel

    minrk authored
    Faciliate ssh tunnel sharing by announcing ports
Commits on Sep 20, 2011
  1. Min RK
  2. Min RK

    allow launcher specification by prefix alone

    minrk authored
    e.g. ipcluster start --engines=SGE
  3. Min RK

    parallel.apps cleanup per review

    minrk authored
    STY: added spaces in string formatting calls
    STY: expanded helpstring for cluster-id
    ENH: allow BatchClusterAppMixin to be the second inherited class
  4. Min RK

    cleanup inheritance line in auto-config files

    minrk authored
    rather than explicitly excluding particular base classes,
    exclude any base classes that have no config traits to inherit.
  5. Min RK

    add cluster_id support to ipcluster/launchers

    minrk authored
    This includes a moderate reorganization of the common launcher args.
    start() no longer takes profile_dir, which is now a trait,
    as is cluster_id.   This is implemented via small Mixin classes,
    consolidating many duplicated controller_cmd/args / engine_cmd/args lines.
  6. Min RK

    add cluster_id to parallel apps

    minrk authored
    This allows multiple controller instances per profile.  Default behavior remains unchanged.
  7. Paul Ivanov
Commits on Sep 19, 2011
  1. Fernando Perez

    Merge remote branch 'rougier/glut' into rougier-glut

    fperez authored
    Provide GLUT event loop integration for OpenGL codes.
Commits on Sep 17, 2011
  1. Nicolas P. Rougier
Commits on Sep 16, 2011
  1. Thomas Kluyver

    Wrap os.path functions in method calls

    takluyver authored
    Some functions from os.path are now references to C functions (e.g. isdir on Windows). This breaks the path module, because compiled functions do not get bound to an object instance. All os.path functions have been wrapped in method calls, out of general caution.
    Closes gh-737
  2. Nicolas P. Rougier
  3. Nicolas P. Rougier

    Removed the timer callback in favor of the idle one and re-use wx wai…

    rougier authored
    …ting time after an event is processed. This make things more reactive. Also, the created window is now made insivisible and is not supposed to be ever show or detroyed. Finally, fixed the bug in window closing for linux platform using the glutSetOption available on Freeglut.
  4. Min RK

    fix type=str->unicode in argparse kv loader

    minrk authored
    This prevented unicode names for values to alias arguments.
    Includes associated test that fails prior to fix.
Commits on Sep 15, 2011
  1. Min RK

    fix installation of zmq IOLoop into tornado

    minrk authored
    incorrectly overrode the module, rather than the class in the module, which is more reliable.
  2. Min RK

    avoid missing readline warning in zmqshell

    minrk authored
    InteractiveShell.set_autoindent() warns when readline is missing, and
    the zmqshell no longer loads readline.  This changes the condition
    of the warning to only if it is being enabled, and prevents enabling
    autoindent in the zmqshell.
  3. Min RK

    Merge PR #668 (greedy completion)

    minrk authored
    closes gh-668
    closes gh-651
  4. Min RK
  5. Min RK
  6. Evan Patterson

    Merge pull request #776 from Carreau/reworking-qtconsole-shortcut

    epatters authored
    Reworking qtconsole shortcut, add fullscreen
  7. Thomas Kluyver
  8. Thomas Kluyver

    Merge pull request #790 from olivierverdier/future_unicode_test

    takluyver authored
    TST: add future unicode_literals test (#786)
  9. Olivier Verdier

    TST: remove assert messages (#790)

    olivierverdier authored
    remove ambiguous assert messages for unicode_literals test
  10. Olivier Verdier

    TST: simpler check for unicode literals (#790)

    olivierverdier authored
    check using isinstance instead for the length of the string
  11. Nicolas P. Rougier
  12. Nicolas P. Rougier

    Merge branch 'glut-rebased' of git:// into glut

    rougier authored
    * 'glut-rebased' of git://
      Added the command line option
      Fix code in disable_glut which was not tested and quite buggy
      Tried to fix the CTRL-C problem (ipython#742) and take other comments/typos into account
      Replaced deprecated raise call
      Fixed typos in comments
      Canceled window reshape to 1x1 since the idea is now for the user to use this window as the main one because of weird seg-faults problem after user creates its own window (any subsequent gl error would lead to a segfault, even a simple one line requiring a non existent function
      Event loop integration example
      Added code for the GLUT interactive session
  13. Matthias Bussonnier

    add fullscreen support for QtConsole throught shortcut

    Carreau authored
    	add a toggleFullscreen action to qtconsoleapp and connect it to the
    	'Ctrl+Meta+Space' shortcut (which is Command+Ctrl+Space on Mac)
    	add shortcut description in %guiref
    move maximize and minimize shortcut/fonction to another branch
Commits on Sep 14, 2011
  1. Evan Patterson
  2. Thomas Kluyver
  3. Nicolas P. Rougier Fernando Perez

    Added the command line option

    rougier authored fperez committed
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