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Release notes

Version 2.1 (Mid-2015)

A large number of changes, fixes, improvements and refactoring under the hood.

  • Upgraded to qooxdoo 4 on the frontend and to PHP > 5.3. on the backend
  • Clean-up and refactoring of the backend and the qcl library. Fixed various problems related to session management.
  • New plugin architecture: plugins now live in a separate folder, with backend and frontend code together, as qooxdoo library
  • New plugin 'backup': php-only backup solution, old code based on mysqldump moved to plugin 'mdbackup' (deprecated and no longer supported)
  • New plugin 'nnforum': Integrate user forum
  • New plugin 'isbnscanner': Import references by ISBN using a barcode scanner (experimental)
  • New plugin 'rssfolder': export folders as RSS feeds and import from those feeds (experimental)
  • Updated CiteProc engine
  • Improved setup process
  • Default is now to send passwords encrypted (hashed with the stored and a random salt), this can be changed to sending plaintext passwords (for example, for LDAP servers), but only if a https connection exists

Version 2.0 (2011)

  • Based on qooxdoo 1.6 (having used every version from qoodoo 0.5 upwards)
  • Was never publicly released, but used in production at Humboldt University's Law School
  • Used its own backend library (qcl) and an xml to javascript compiler (qxtransformer).
  • Moved core features to plugins: Bibutils, CSL, Z39.50 import, Backup

Version 1.0 (~2006)

  • Used the NetWindows javascript library (by Alex Russel)
  • Was used in a criminological research project

Version 0.1 (~2003)

  • Was a single long PHP file.