Zabbix protocol implementation for Mirth Connect integration engine.
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Zabbix protocol implementation for Mirth Connect integration engine. Provides direct monitoring capabilities with a channel acting like Zabbix agent.

Implemented functionalities

  • Low level discovery for deployed channels and enabled connectors in Mirth Connect.
  • Passive agent checks for data collection (polling):
    • Connector statistics: received, errored, filtered, queued, sent (mirth.statistics)
    • Channel status (
    • Connector status (mirth.connector.status)
    • Channel deployment date (mirth.deployementdate)
    • Agent ping (
    • Host name of zabbix_agentd running (agent.hostname, system.uname)
    • Version of zabbix_agent(d) running (agent.version)
  • IP address filtering with Rule Builder and $('remoteAddress')

Getting Started


  • Mirth Connect ≥ 3.2.1
  • Zabbix ≥ 3.4.12
  • Zabbix template (Zabbix_template.xml)
  • Zabbix value map (Zabbix_valuemap.xml)
  • Mirthix channel (Mirthix_channel.xml)


  1. Import Mirthix channel Mirthix_channel.xml in Mirth Connect Administrator.
  2. Configuration settings for Mirthix channel:
    • TCP Listener: don't use port 10050 if Zabbix agent is already running on the server.
    • Message storage is disabled by default because the channel may produce a lot of messages and full your database/file system. It should be activated only for debug purposes.
  3. Import Zabbix template Zabbix_template.xml and value map Zabbix_valuemap.xml in Zabbix console.
  4. Create host (or use an existing one) in Zabbix console with Mirth server IP address as Agent interface (with TCP Listener port) and add templates Template App Mirth and Template App Zabbix Agent (default agent availability template provided by Zabbix).
  5. Add Zabbix server IP address in Source Filter values with Rule Builder (needs single or double quote).

Trigger adjustment (Zabbix template)

Trigger adjustment is done with template macros and macro contexts: Templates > Template App Mirth > Macro.

Example: To trigger "Queue on Zabbix Monitoring | Zabbix Server" problem when queued > 20, add macro {$QUEUED:"Zabbix Monitoring | Zabbix Server"} with value 20. If no context is set on a macro, default macro {$QUEUED} will be used.

To disable unwanted item/trigger creation, you have to disable item/trigger prototype in template discovery rules (Templates > Template App Mirth > Discovery rules).

What's next ?

  • IP source filtering for security done !
  • UserParameter functionality to trigger custom actions in Mirth.


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 (GPLv3) - see the LICENSE file for details.