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Character Outlines

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Get ready for 'Spirit of Shiloh' – a captivating adventure for kids 6-12! Join Shiloh and friends Yeseka, Mr. Bear, and more for a world of fantasy, action, and magical journeys. Talking animals, magic carpets, and endless fun await. Dive into imagination. Coming soon!

Character Development


Shiloh Grace Poole | Discord Link


  • Shiloh is a spirited 6-year old little girl.
  • Personality traits modeled after Disney's Pocahontas and Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
  • Appearance modeled after Anna from Frozen and Belle from Beauty and the Beast (only she has super-curly brown hair and deep emerald green eyes.
  • Shiloh Super Powers: quick-witted humor and a compass that points her character true north.



Yeseka | Discord Link


  • Yeseka the Imaginary friend has a personality modeled after Tinkerbell from Disney's Peter Pan and Dory from Disney Pixar's Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.
  • Appearance modeled after Elsa from Frozen and Raya from Disney Pixar's Raya the last Dragon.
  • Yeseka's superpowers: Imaginative wisdom, timely humor, and the ability to see beyond the visible. Always Shiloh's guiding light in chaos.

Mr Bear

Discord Link

Antagonist Mr Bear:

  • Mr Bear is a big brown bear; personality modeled after Wiley E. Coyote and Yosemite Sam.
  • Appearance modeled after Baloo in the Jungle Book (as a distant cousin with shaggy fur and a member of the brown bear clan).
  • Super Powers: Resilience and determination, however unsuccessful. His mission in life is to one and for all outsmart Shiloh & team; so he can finally eat them for dinner.

Supporting Cast:

Willie Nelson:


  • Willie is Shiloh's dog; a Maltese Shih Tzu who thinks he's more of a princess than a puppy dog.
  • Appearance: Willie has short curly, white fur and he is about 8 pounds overweight. Ole Willie will eat just about anything, but for some reason his favorite fixin' - funny enough - happens to be paper towels.
  • Super Power: a deafening bark that has been known to wake up slumbering spirits. Undying loyalty to Shiloh, her team, and family.

I'm Gone Stay:


  • Appearance: Mischievous and loyally loveable black kitten with white socks, always ready to pounce into a new adventure or curl up cozily by Shiloh's side.
  • His Story: Named after her Aunt Becky and inspired by Socks from Beverly Cleary's tales. With a dash of Halloween magic, I'm Gone Stay made his grand entrance into Shiloh's world on the rare Blue Moon Halloween of 2020.
  • Superpowers: Loyalty & Playfulness: His true strength lies in his unwavering loyalty to Shiloh. No matter the mischief he gets into, it's always driven by his playful heart and deep bond with his human companion.

Finn the Catfish:

  • Appearance: A shimmering, silver-scaled catfish with wise, twinkling eyes that reflect the mysteries of the deep. His whiskers seem to dance with every ripple of the water, giving him an aura of ancient wisdom.
  • Origin Story: Finn has been a guardian of the pond for centuries, witnessing countless seasons change and gathering stories from every droplet of rain. Legends say he was once a celestial fish, sent from the stars to guide and protect.
  • Superpower - The Riddler: Finn speaks in riddles and parables, drawing from the wisdom of history's great minds. His cryptic messages challenge Shiloh and Yeseka to think deeply, but when the time is right, he delivers powerful, simple truths that illuminate their path.

Temperate Turtle:

  • Appearance: Baby-like snapping turtle with an aged shell. Deep, story-filled eyes.
  • Origin Story: Hexed to remain young-looking. Outcast with a unique view on life.
  • Superpower: Crafts riddles from nature. A thinker and tinkerer despite his solitude.

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