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More interface-builder friendly. Added nib-based demo. #20

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In a similar vein to TTTAttributedLabel and FXLabel, I've made some adjustments to this class to make it more friendly to power-users of Interface Builder. It changes quite a lot about the internal workings of the class (most notably, the superclass is now UILabel instead of UIView, so you can set all the UILabel properties in IB) so there may be significant unintended side-effects. It's hard to tell where the regressions are without unit tests, but from what I can tell, the demo project at least still behaves correctly.

I've created a second target in the demo project which replicates the original one except it has a barebones viewDidLoad: method and all labels and their properties are set in IB. It makes extensive use of User Defined Runtime Attributes.


Thanks - I don't use IB much, so I haven't had a chance to try this out yet. But it might work well with another approach I'm tinkering with.

@cbpowell cbpowell merged commit 592c58d into cbpowell:master

Finally got around to merging this in! Had to make some tweaks to make sure everything worked with the changes since you submitted this pull request though.

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