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Dart rules for Bazel

Build Status

WARNING: These rules are maintained on an infrequent basis. They were authored as the foundation for what became the dart-lang/rules_dart repo which was later deprecated and archived.


These build rules are used for building Dart projects with Bazel.


To use the Dart rules, add the following to your WORKSPACE file to add the external repositories for the Dart toolchain:

load("@bazel_tools//tools/build_defs/repo:git.bzl", "git_repository")

    name = "io_bazel_rules_dart",
    remote = "",
    tag = "2.17.7",
load("@io_bazel_rules_dart//dart/build_rules:repositories.bzl", "dart_repositories")


Core rules

load("@io_bazel_rules_dart//dart/build_rules:core.bzl", RULE_NAME)

dart_library: Declares a collection of Dart sources and data and their dependencies.

VM rules

load("@io_bazel_rules_dart//dart/build_rules:vm.bzl", RULE_NAME)

dart_vm_binary: Builds an executable bundle that runs a script or snapshot on the Dart VM.

dart_vm_snapshot: Builds a VM snapshot of a Dart script. WARNING Snapshot files are not guaranteed to be compatible across VM releases.

dart_vm_test: Builds a test that will be executed on the Dart VM.

Web rules

load("@io_bazel_rules_dart//dart/build_rules:web.bzl", RULE_NAME)

dart_web_application: Compiles the specified script to JavaScript.

dart_web_test: Builds a test that will be executed in the browser.