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Internet gateway for an alarm system
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Internet gateway for an alarm system.

This is a program that monitors a remote alarm system and sends emails to users when the alarm state changes. Using email->text gateways provided by most cell phone carriers, you can easily send text messages to phones when alarm events occur. With a combination of JeeNode, BeagleBone, and NodeJS technology, it is possible to quickly create an alarm system that will:

  • monitor battery powered sensors in a building or short distances from buildings
  • activate audible alarms in the building
  • send email/text messages when the alarm state changes

This program can run on any computer system that is:

  • connected to the Internet
  • runs node.js
  • has a USB port

Use DocumentUp to read this README in a more structured way (with TOC).


One possible configuration is:

Battery powered JeeNode --(RF)--> JeeNode --(Serial/USB)--> Beaglebone --(Ethernet)--> Internet

In this case we have the following components:

  • Battery powered JeeNode sensor: This type of node can run for many months from several AA batteries.
  • JeeNode RF to Serial gateway: Receives transmissions from sensor nodes, activates audible alarms, and sends state information out the serial port.
  • Beaglebone (or PC, etc): receives serial data from JeeNode, and sends out emails, text messages, etc.

RF Sensor System

Example code for a JeeNode based sensor system is located here:

(JeeNodes are based on Arduino technology)


Config file

This is the device this program runs on (Beaglebone, etc). Copy the config-example.js to config.js and modify for your setup.

The gateway simply monitors text on the serial port. If it sees the word STATE in any of the messages, it sends emails, and optionally a configured message.

Install dependencies and run

on the Gateway system (can be beaglebone):

cd <this directory>
npm install nodemailer serialport2
node app.js

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