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Deprecation Notice

I no longer recommend using this extension, unless you want to globally turn on and off Format on Save.

VS Code v1.28 now supports saving without formatters:

The new command Save without Formatting (workbench.action.files.saveWithoutFormatting) can be used to save a file without triggering any of the save participants (for example, formatters, remove trailing whitespace, final newline). The default keybinding is ⌘K S. This is useful when editing files outside your normal projects, which may have different formatting conventions.

When saving individual files, using the new Save without Formatting command is easier than globally turning on and off Format on Save. I will still keep the extension available on Marketplace for those that want the global functionality.

Toggle Format on Save

Provides a command to toggle Format on Save (editor.formatOnSave) inside VS Code.

settings.json example

Open your Command Palette (CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+P) and type Toggle Format on Save, then hit Enter.

Command Palette Toggle Format on Save

Important: Backup your settings.json file (CMD/CTRL+,), . Since there currently isn't a VS Code API for editing setting-files, it is done manually with JSON.parse. This means the extension will parse the whole file, toggle editor.formatOnSave, and save the settings file.

Important: You will get a warning if your settings.json is not valid JSON. VS Code allows this file to contain invalid syntax like comments, and hanging commas (the last field in an object should not have a comma after it). If you fix these issues manually, then the Toggle command should work fine.

Invalid JSON syntax example


The settings.json parsing code has been inspired by vscode-softwrap & vscode-togglecodelens