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Adding Signals to Routes used in AutoMode

Christian Benjamin Ries edited this page Mar 28, 2021 · 2 revisions

Currently we do not support a web ui for adding signals to any route for AutoMode. The file fbevents.json must be modified manually. Any route can have an individual list of accessory (e.g. signals, Bahnschranke, etc.) which are triggered on traveling start of a train or after a delay.

This support has been started with Feature #55.

The relevant attributes are OnStart and OnStop.

NOTE OnStop has to be implemented, but it is currently not needed for my own model railway and I could not fully test that functionality. Said this, the OnStop is just added to reserve that name.

    "BlockId": "B12[-]",
    "FbEnter": "FB22.2",
    "FbIn": "FB22.1",
    "OnStart": [
        "Accessory": "Signal_B12_rechts",
        "State": "green",
        "StateAfterDelay": {
          "seconds": 10,
          "state": "red"
    "OnStop": [],
    "DeniedLocomotives": [],
    "Settings": {
      "BlockEnabled": true,
      "OptionWait": true,
      "OptionDirection": false,
      "OptionMainline": true,
      "OptionBbt": false,
      "TypeOthers": true,
      "TypeLocal": true,
      "TypeIntercity": false,
      "TypeFreight": true,
      "TypeShunting": true,
      "TypeRegional": true,
      "TypeBranchLine": true,
      "TypeBranchLineFreight": false