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Group Buttons or Output

Christian Benjamin Ries edited this page Apr 4, 2021 · 1 revision

I do have a Segmentdrehscheibe which I control with an Arduino-based control unit, the addresses are 1024-1028, see Source of Arduino ino. In the plan three buttons are added to change the outgoing path of the Segmentdrehscheibe:

Buttons Group 01

In the Accessory-dialog a new column is added, named Group. Enter the same group name for all of this three button, and a new group is set.

Buttons Group 02

Now, when you click one of theses buttons, the button is toggled and all other buttons of this group get be disabled.

REMARK Only Buttons (i.e. Output plan items) are supported in the moment. Do you need more? Tell me by opening an new issue.