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Lock Additional Blocks during Locomotive Traveling

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Guess, a valid plan like the following exist. When one of the locomotives 74 854 DB or BR10 start to travel the whole route between BK_4, BK_1, and BK_0 should be logically blocked, because of the fact that the traveling locomotive has just one route/way for coming back. When the second locomotives starts to travel to block BK_4 the first locomotive can never reach its starting block.

Scenario 001

Example Workspace

The example workspace is available in [install dir]\Workspaces GitHub. To load this plan, just use the available Workspace functionality:

Scenario 005

Additional Blocks to Lock

  • When BK_1 is reached, BK_4 should be locked as well.
  • When BK_0 is reached, BK_1 and BK_4 should be locked as well.

If they are not additional locked, any following train can enter BK_4 and the locomotives will stuck.

Adding/Setup Additional Blocks to Lock

In the [install dir]\Workspaces\[your workspace] the file fbevents.json must be modified. Adding additional blocks for lock can be achieved via the web ui, i.e. just open the Blocks/S88/Signals dialog and expand one of the blocks, as seen in the following screenshot:

Scenario 006

AdditionalBlockLocks is an array for adding block identifiers (without [+] or [-]) which are locked when the block is reached by any locomotive. All blocks have the attribute LockedByBlock which is filled with the block identifier (without [+] or [-]) which has locked the block. During AutoMode all target blocks of the individual routes will check this attribute, and if set, they routes are filtered out.

Scenario 002


As you can see in the following screenshot, the locomotive 74 854 DB can travel back without be blocked by the second locomotive.

Scenario 003

Only when the locomotive has reached the last block, the second locomotive will start to travel.

Scenario 004