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Version 0.6.2
(+) Store user-defined colors
(+) Use effective sample rate in XDF files
(B) Fix issues in some dialogs
(B) Fix channel clipping
(*) Refactoring (cleanups)
Version 0.6.1
(B) Fix many XDF-related bugs
(*) Several minor GUI-related improvements
Version 0.6.0
(+) Add support for XDF files
(B) Properly handle missing data
(+) Export and import events to/from CSV files
(*) Redesign view options widget
(*) New icon theme
(*) Switch from Qt 4 to Qt 5
(*) Many UI improvements (channel separators, grids, dialogs)
Version 0.5.2
(*) Integrated patches from the BioSig project
Version 0.5.1
(B) Fixed bug where signals could be distorted
(*) Removed libgdf
(*) Removed downsampling/decimation
(*) Events are now always displayed in a separate tab
(B) Fixed file drag & drop bug
Version 0.5.0
(*) Optimized gdf reading (background downsampling/decimation)
(*) Support for large gdf (2) files
(*) Using libgdf to read gdf 2 files (, svn revision 57)
(B) Bug fix (memory leak)
Version 0.4.3
(*) switched to new libgdf (, svn revision 9)
(*) removed dependency on boost-library (only headers are needed)
(B) Bug fix (fixed chrash on Win XP when deselecting channels)
Version 0.4.2
(+) Convert to GDF (using libgdf)
(+) Command-line options (e.g. --convert-to-gdf, --help)
(+) Improved y-grid drawing
(+) Improved y-grid labels (displaying units)
(+) Improved y-scaling, new dialog
(*) Power-spectrum is now displayed in log10
(B) Bug fixes (instant viewport update after color changing and scaling, no chrash if signal processing leads to overflow)
(*) Refactoring and code cleanups
(*) switched from FFTW to FFTReal
Version 0.4.1
(*) Speeded up animations (now duration is settable via the View menu)
(*) Renamed "Shift Signal Mode" to "View Options Mode"
(+) Animated event browsing
(+) Reset event colors
(+) Setting default channel color
(B) fixed bugs (3021230, 3020031, 3019593, 3019592)
Version 0.4.0
(*) Works on Mac OS X (again)
(+) Animated zoom
(+) Export to GDF
(+) Export to PNG
(+) Calculate power spectrum averaged over an event type
(+) Calculate mean and standard deviation averaged over an event type
(+) Color settings for signal channels
(+) Mode-specific widgets (for editing selected events)
(+) New context menu for channels
(*) Improved dialogs (event table, event type selection)
(B) Fixed many bugs
(*) Refactoring and code clean-ups
Version 0.3.0
(*) Removed all Qt3 stuff, now completely ported to Qt4
(+) Dropping files on SigViewer opens the file
(+) Open files via command line parameter
(+) Event toolbar (for editing selected events)
(+) Calculate mean (alpha version)
(+) Undo/redo for editing events
(+) Insert event (Ctrl+I), creates new event over the selected event
(+) Event browsing (Ctrl+Right, Ctrl+Left), go to next/previous event of same type as selected event
(+) Fit view to selected event
(+) Hie events of other type
(+) Highlighting on x-axis when editing or creating an event
(+) New context menu for events
(+) Simple hiding/showing label and axis widgets
(-) Scrolling during creation of events is not possible (will be added as soon as possible)
(B) Fixed many bugs
(*) Refactoring and code clean-ups (especially decoupling of classes)
Version 0.2.6
(+) Qt Creator support
(+) Added signal buffer options (whole subsampling selection, disable initial min-max search)
(B) Fixed many bugs related to loading files, especially slow loading under Windows network shares is resolved
(*) Cleaned up code in biosig_reader.cpp
Version 0.2.5
(+) Added preferences dialog
(*) Removed some Qt3 stuff, but still not everything
Version 0.2.4
(+) Update biosig4c++ to support more file formats
Version 0.2.3
(+) Improve support for BCI2000 1.1 data format
Version 0.2.2
(B) Fixed export and import of EVT files
(B) Fixed missing file name in window title
(+) Added new file formats (BCI2000, MIT/Physiobank)
(+) Improved handling of some file formats (EDF+, GDF1, BrainVision, AINF)
Version 0.2.1
(B) Fixed CNT and VHDR errors
Version 0.2.0
(+) Added support for biosig4c++, loading and saving is now done with this library. Therefore, many new formats are supported (GDF, BKR, CNT, EDF, ...)
(B) Channel selection works
(+) Scrolling during creation of events is now possible
(*) Standard zoom setting is now auto
(*) Zero level on the y-axis is now in the middle of the channel window
(+) Should now compile and work on big endian machines (e.g. PPC)
Version 0.1.7
(B) Fix export of EVT files with a sampling rate higher than 256Hz
Version 0.1.6
(B) Fix serious bug where SigViewer crashed when opening a file (probably due to a Windows update)
Version 0.1.5
(B) Remove bug where SigViewer crashed when exiting
Version 0.1.4
(B) Remove bug in SignalBuffer
Version 0.1.3
(+) Added y-axis
(*) Removed SettingsManager and use QSettings instead
Version 0.1.2
(+) Status bar with length, number of channels and number of trials
(+) Export events to EVT files
(B) Removed signal shift bug
(B) Channel selection has no effect on scale
(+) After opening a file, show all channels
Version 0.1.1
(*) Use QString and Qt container instead of STL stuff
(B) No line wrap in LogDialog