Projects for benchmarking interpreters overhead
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Projects for benchmarking interpreters overhead

These projects are useful to compare the overhead of some query interpreters in Sirius. contains a Viewpoint specification for Ecore models containing several functional equivalent
Diagram specifications except they leverage a specific interpreter.

All the diagram specifications are synchronized, meaning one can easily create a new diagram on top of a EPackage and that should trigger the update and creation of a
decent sized diagram.

Queries are very straightforwards because limited by the simplest query langage (feature:), these diagram descriptions are not relevant for comparing the overhead in case of complex queries but the same approach could be used.

The 8K project is a modeling project with a model which has a decent size when measuring refresh times using yourkit in tracing mode.
It requires an installation of EcoreTools 3.x as the model is an .ecorebin.

If you are looking for a bigger project with 1Million model elements, here is one which leverages the .ecorebin files too:

Getting started

Download Obeo Designer CE, 8.0
from the update site ( install
“Sirius Support for Legacy Queries ".

Import the and 8K projects in your workspace.
It should not have any dependency or compile error.

Open the 8K project, you should have several diagrams each corresponding to a specification of the .odesign file which leverages one of the interpreters.