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Silverstripe Module that forces one top-level-domain to show one locale.
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## Translatable-Domains

## Introduction

Allows developer to specify which what language a domain should use and will force urls to use the translated records whenever possible.
Also allows developer to register multiple virtualhosts to test multilingual domains locally.

## Requirements

 * SilverStripe 2.4 or newer, 

## Installation

 * Copy the `Translatable-Domains` directory into your main SilverStripe webroot
 * This should go in your `mysite/_config.php` or `Translatable-Domains/_config.php`.


 * replace tld with the top level domain you wish to force to a specific locale (,,, etc)
 * replace locale with the locale you wish the top level domain to use.
 * run /dev/build

## Testing multilingual sites on localhost:

testing multilingual sites on localhost is possible through setting up multiple virtual hosts.  for quick instructions, read localhost-setup-readme
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