@cbucher cbucher released this May 23, 2018 · 3 commits to master since this release

! WTL 10.0.7336
! GDI+ replaces FreeImage library in aero version.
+ Maximize/Restore a view in a tab.
+ Support for animated background pictures.
+ Support for alternate desktop wallpaper pictures.
* Fix duplicated "Switch to next tab" and "Switch to previous tab" commands in hotkeys settings.

@cbucher cbucher released this Sep 29, 2017 · 23 commits to master since this release

! Display an error dialog when seeking settings of an undefined tab.
! Detect if ConsoleZ is hooked (ConsoleHook/ConsoleHook32).
+ "New Tab" button in tabs area.
+ Save "Switch On/Off Transparency" state.
* Fix startup directory consistency.
* Fix retrieving of last process ID attached to the console.
* Fix sliders in transparency settings dialog.
* Refresh tab title when last process ID attached to the console changes.
* Fix bing image copyright displayed into status bar.
* Fix external command saving into settings file.

@cbucher cbucher released this Mar 28, 2017 · 50 commits to master since this release

+ Transparency settings per windowed/full screen mode.
+ Print code page (for each shell) in diagnostic report.
* ALT-SPACE menu.
* "Attach Consoles" failure.
* Split bar size.
* Start a safe console when no console started.
* Standardize hotkeys modifiers and order (mouse).

@cbucher cbucher released this Feb 18, 2017 · 71 commits to master since this release

! Update tab title current directory in realtime.
! Renaming a tab title to empty is no longer allowed
  (empty string is replaced by tab title from settings).
! Backup settings file using a timestamp (unique backup filename).
! Tabbing framework localization.
+ Workspaces.
+ Option to hide the "close tab" button.
+ Split bar size is configurable.
+ Allow merging tabs (horizontally or vertically).
+ Allow view keeping background, colors and cursor
  when it moved into another tab.
+ Support for reversed video (swap foreground and background).
+ Allow mouse events forwarding.
+ Show Bing image copyright in status bar.
* GDI leaks (thanks to char101).
* Allow choosing environment variables inheritance method.
* Improve Windows 10 glass transparency.
* PowerShell progress bar is fixed on Windows 10.

@cbucher cbucher released this Nov 18, 2016 · 122 commits to master since this release

! New Icons (a gift from BlazenBundy).
! Use icon defined in appearance settings as default tab icon.
+ Allow configuration of icon size.
+ Option to prevent exiting ConsoleZ on closing of last tab.
+ Support for underlined text.
* Fix "snap to edges" feature.
* Fix rebar auto sizing bug.
* Fix docking bug when showing/hiding bar.
* Update window icon after settings edition.
* Update tab icons after settings edition.
* German localization (thanks to sskopnik).

@cbucher cbucher released this Sep 22, 2016 · 155 commits to master since this release

! Handle XML parsing errors (configuration file and snippets).
+ "Toggle always on top" hotkey command.
+ New high dpi icons (250%, 300%, 400% and 500%).
+ Bing image of the day as background.
* ConsoleZ no longer closes without explanation on bad config.
* Start a safe console when no console started.
* Fix scroll bars position in hidden tabs.
* System environment variables no longer override local environment variables.
* Japanese localization (thanks to ys-nuem).
* Link files are also resolved when text is copied in shell text box.

@cbucher cbucher released this May 8, 2016 · 204 commits to master since this release

! Rebuild FreeImage 3.17.0 (static link without OpenMP)
- ConsoleZ sets the current Windows console font to "Lucidia Console" size 5.
  (DBCS code page requires a specific font)
+ Snippets manager.
+ "Resume scrolling" command.
+ Configure initial window state (appearance settings).
+ Japanese localization (thanks to rosolino).
* Mono-instance is no longer forced in jump lists.
* User profile is fully created when running a shell with another user credentials.
* Scrolling during selection does not properly refresh.

@cbucher cbucher released this Mar 8, 2016 · 260 commits to master since this release

! Upgrade FreeImage version from 3.15.4 to 3.17.0.
! Show BMP/DIB/GIF/JPEG/PNG files in Browse background image dialog.
+ Detect new docking positions with "snap to desktop edges"
  (top/bottom/left/right middle).
+ ConsoleZ sets the current Windows console font to "Lucidia Console" size 5.
  Windows console should support UNICODE characters.
  Number of rows/columns should not be limited.
+ Support UNICODE picture filename.
+ German localization (thanks to cruzzer).
* Fix placement problem with "snap to desktop edges" when cursor is in another monitor.
* Fix crash when wallpaper picture loading fails.
* When you configured a background with relative picture then wallpaper was drawn.
* Fix the word selection: right delimiters was not used.
* "Click Link" does no longer launch an empty string.
  This was launching explorer in the current working directory.
* Fix highlighting color setting saving.
* Fix wallpaper display.

@cbucher cbucher released this Feb 7, 2016 · 290 commits to master since this release

! PowerShell progressbar detection is disabled.
! ConsoleZ hook can detect if the shell is not a Win32 console application.
+ Command-line switch to toggle window visibility.
+ Select text/column with keyboard.
+ Per-monitor DPI awareness.
+ Arrange tabs using keyboard.
+ Allow distinct controls settings for full screen
  and windowed application.
+ Environment inheritance is coming back.
  Inheritance works now with mono-instance.
  There is no inheritance when the shell run as administrator
  or whith another user credentials!
+ Glass effect transparency under Windows 10.
+ Specific ConsoleZxxx environment variables:
  ConsoleZBaseDir = folder containing console.exe
  ConsoleZVersion = current version of ConsoleZ
* Hide, when loosing focus, only if the new foreground window
  is not owned by our application.
* Fix crash when screen buffer size is reduced.
* Fix dpi scaling of some GUI parts.
* Fix activation by hotkey.