A small project that demonstrates the use of several geolatte components.
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This project contains a demo of
- geolatte-featureserver

- PostGres + PostGis installed
- Running tomcat (v6/7)
- European rivers database

Setup geolatte-featureserver

1) Download the featureserver war from https://oss.sonatype.org/content/groups/public/org/geolatte/geolatte-featureserver/0.4-SNAPSHOT/
   Demo was tested with geolatte-featureserver-0.4-20111129.062659-3.war
2) Create a featureserver configuration file (instructions on http://www.geolatte.org/confluence/display/fserv/FeatureServer+configuration)
   You can use the featureserver.xml file included in this project as a basis.
3) Make sure Tomcat knows the config file. E.g., add JAVA_OPTS="-Dgeolatte.fs.config=/Library/Tomcat/apache-tomcat-7.0.19/webapps/featureserver.xml"
   to the startup script, typically catalina.sh in the bin dir.
3) Deploy featureserver in Tomcat on path /featureserver. Easiest way to do this is by renaming the downloaded war to
   featureserver.war and copying that file to Tomcat's webapps directory. Start Tomcat.
4) Check whether everything works by browsing to localhost:port/featureserver. You should get a welcome message. You can
   query tables from the browser window as well (see http://www.geolatte.org/confluence/display/fserv/Rest+API). E.g.,
   locahost:port/featureserver/rest/tables should work.

Setup OSM table

restore pgdatabase.dmp to a db 'osmosis'

pg_restore -U postgres -d osmosis pgdatabase.dmp

-- notes ------------------

1) Use Osmosis to import osm data to postgres
2) Create more useful tables:

Places - Cities and towns

id int8,
place text,
name text,

SELECT AddGeometryColumn('places', 'geom', 4326, 'POINT', 2 );

insert into places (id, place)
select n.id, t.v
from nodes n join node_tags t on n.id = t.node_id
group by n.id, t.k, t.v
having t.k = 'place';

UPDATE places
SET name = (SELECT t.v from nodes n join node_tags t on n.id = t.node_id
            where n.id = places.id and
                  t.k = 'name');

UPDATE places
SET geom = (SELECT geom from nodes where id = places.id);


CREATE TABLE waterways
id int8,
waterway text,
name text,
beginnode_id int8,
endnode_id int8,

SELECT AddGeometryColumn('waterways', 'geom', 4326, 'LINESTRING', 2 );

insert into waterways (id, waterway)
select w.id, t.v
from ways w join way_tags t on w.id = t.way_id
group by w.id, t.k, t.v
having t.k = 'waterway';

UPDATE waterways
SET name = (SELECT t.v from ways n join way_tags t on n.id = t.way_id
            where n.id = waterways.id and
                  t.k = 'name'),
    geom = (SELECT linestring from ways where id = waterways.id),
    beginnode_id = (SELECT beginnode from ways where id = waterways.id),
    endnode_id = (SELECT endnode from ways where id = waterways.id);

delete from waterways
where waterway = 'drain' OR waterway = 'dock' OR waterway = 'lock_gate' OR waterway = 'boatyard' OR waterway = 'weir' OR waterway = 'dam';

delete from waterways
where geom IS NULL;