plugin for sublime text 2 that listens on all code editing events and logs to a server for fun audio/visual representation
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Listens for any code editing events in Sublime Text 2. Logs them to a server for fun & profit. Or more specifically for a fun experiment in capturing and visualizing code activity. And ideally turning it into something cool, like generative ambient sounds. No personal/confidential information is captured, although to make this more fun & useful you can set your github username in the settings file in order to do stats on your activity. This plugin is intended for fun, creative endeavors :)


On Client

Here's a sample activity message (captured as JSON) when typing a character into a Python file:


On Server

Which is transformed to the following on the server and persisted in MongoDB to look like:

  "time_gmt_ms" : ISODate("2013-01-06T03:00:56.203Z"),
  "event" : "on_selection_modified",
  "id" : 28,
  "buffer_id" : 26,
  "is_loading" : false,
  "is_dirty" : false,
  "is_read_only" : false,
  "file_ext" : ".py",
  "size" : 4564,
  "file_name_hash" : "6a75228602aaaa8d473afff7a4163d2a",
  "github_username" : "cbumgard",
  "client_ip" : "",
  "created" : ISODate("2013-01-06T03:00:56.508Z"),
  "__v" : 0,
  "_id" : ObjectId("50e8e8e87f0bba0000000014")


Add your github username to monitor, aggregate, or play with your data by changing the setting "github_username" in the settings file.

Captured Activity

The following events are captured:

  • on_new(view) None Called when a new buffer is created.
  • on_clone(view) None Called when a view is cloned from an existing one.
  • on_load(view) None Called when the file is finished loading.
  • on_close(view) None Called when a view is closed (note, there may still be other views into the same buffer).
  • on_pre_save(view) None Called just before a view is saved.
  • on_post_save(view) None Called after a view has been saved.
  • on_modified(view) None Called after changes have been made to a view.
  • on_selection_modified(view) None Called after the selection has been modified in a view.
  • on_activated(view) None Called when a view gains input focus.
  • on_deactivated(view) None Called when a view loses input focus.

Taken from Sublime Text Plugin Docs


This module is MIT licensed here.