Quantum random number generator module for Node.js. Based on the ANU Quantum Random Number Generator http://photonics.anu.edu.au/qoptics/Research/qrng.php
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A quantum random number generator for node.js.

Gets N-length random numbers from the ANU Quantum Random Number Generator See here for more info: http://photonics.anu.edu.au/qoptics/Research/qrng.php

Installation (Global)

npm install -g qrand

Then try it out by running:

qrand -l 16

Which should output something 32 random hex characters (16 octets):


Using as a Library

Add to your project's package.json dependency array:

"dependencies": {
  "qrand": "0.1.x"

Then run npm install

From your project you can now use this library as follows:

var qrand = require('qrand');
qrand.getRandomHexOctets(16, function(err, octets) {