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Lo-Dash v0.1.0

A drop-in replacement for Underscore.js that delivers up to 8x performance improvements, bug fixes, and additional features.


For more information check out this screencast over Lo-Dash.


Lo-Dash is part of the BestieJS "Best in Class" module collection. This means we promote solid browser/environment support, ES5 precedents, unit testing, and plenty of documentation.


The documentation for Lo-Dash can be viewed here: /doc/

Underscore's documentation may also be used.

For a list of upcoming features, check out our roadmap.

So What's The Secret?

Lo-Dash's performance is gained by avoiding native methods, instead opting for simplified non-ES5 compliant methods optimized for common usage, and by leveraging function compilation to reduce the number of overall function calls.

What else?

Lo-Dash comes with AMD loader support baked in, chainable _.each, and will soon address cross-browser object iteration issues.

Installation and usage

In a browser:

<script src="lodash.js"></script>

Via npm:

npm install lodash

In Node.js and RingoJS v0.8.0+:

var _ = require('lodash');

In Narwhal and RingoJS v0.7.0-:

var _ = require('lodash')._;

In Rhino:


In an AMD loader like RequireJS:

// Lo-Dash is defined as an anonymous module so, through path mapping, it can be
// referenced as the "underscore" module
  'paths': {
    'underscore': 'path/to/lodash'
['underscore'], function(_) {

Cloning this repo

To clone this repository including all submodules, using Git 1.6.5 or later:

git clone --recursive
cd lodash.js

For older Git versions, just use:

git clone
cd lodash
git submodule update --init

Feel free to fork and send pull requests if you see improvements!