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Transparency for your build pipeline's results and runtime.

The most important things cannot be measured.

Your build pipeline can.

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The What

Buildviz provides graphs detailing runtime behaviour, failures and stability of the pipeline, answering a multitude of questions in the hopes of improving your pipeline.

All it needs is your build history including test results.

Live example:



$ curl -OL
$ java -jar buildviz-0.15.1-standalone.jar

Now, buildviz takes in build data via POST to /builds. Some suggestions how to set it up:

Sync from supported build servers

Buildviz understands build data extracted by build-facts. Currently the following CI/CD systems are supported:

  • Concourse
  • GoCD
  • Jenkins
  • TeamCity


# After starting up Buildviz locally, do:
$ curl -LO
$ java -jar build-facts-0.5.4-standalone.jar jenkins http://localhost:8080 --state state.json \
    | curl -v -H "Content-type: text/plain" -d@- 'http://localhost:3000/builds'


You can also roll your own. For every build POST JSON data to http://localhost:3000/builds/, for example:

  "jobName": "my job",
  "buildId": "42"
  "start": 1451449853542,
  "end": 1451449870555,
  "outcome": "pass",
  "inputs": [{
    "revision": "1eadcdd4d35f9a",
    "sourceId": ""
  "triggeredBy": [{
    "jobName": "Test",
    "buildId": "42"
  "testResults": [{
    "name": "Test Suite",
    "children": [{
      "classname": "some.class",
      "name": "A Test",
      "runtime": 2,
      "status": "pass"

The build's jobName, buildId, and start are required, all other values are optional. Buildviz follows this JSON schema.

JUnit XML (or JSON) formatted test results can be PUT to http://localhost:3000/builds/$JOB_NAME/$BUILD_ID/testresults



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Reach out to @cburgmer for feedback and ideas.