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jquery-shiftenter is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to allow submitting a form with textareas using a simple press on 'Enter'. Line breaks (newlines) in these input fields can then be achieved by pressing 'Shift+Enter' (alternatively 'Ctrl+Enter'). Additionally a hint is shown.


To use this plug-in just add jquery.shiftenter.js and jquery.shiftenter.css to your document and attach it to your textareas:

$(document).ready(function() {

See example.html for an example usage.


    focusClass: 'shiftenter',             /* CSS class used on focus */
    inactiveClass: 'shiftenterInactive',  /* CSS class used when no focus */
    hint: 'Shift+Enter for line break',   /* hint shown */
    metaKey: 'shift',                     /* meta key that triggers a line-break, allowed values: 'shift', 'ctrl' */
    pseudoPadding: '0 10'                 /* padding (bottom, right) of hint text */

You can adjust the style in jquery.shiftenter.css

Other things you might want to use along with jquery-shiftenter:

Unit tests:

Point your browser to test/index.html to start the QUnit tests. current build status


  • MASTER: Fix test cases to work with Firefox 6.0
  • 0.0.4: Also allow for CTRL instead of SHIFT, fix resize for Google Chrome
  • 0.0.3: Change the way how the hint is positioned and improve resize handling.
  • 0.0.2: React to textarea resizes and fix position of hint
  • 0.0.1: Initial release

Licensed under the MIT-License

Report issues to

Contact me under Christoph Burgmer (cburgmer -[at]- ira [dot] uka [dot] de)