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Current Version: 2.0.0 (December 2021)

What is VIMBIUS?

VIMBIUS (VIM Basic Input Utilities) is a lightweight collection of VIM Utilities designed to help with the highlighting and creation of DAI-Specific Files. This used to be included as part of Vimbius but was removed to reduce complexity and plugin size.


  • Plugin syntax highlighting and additional features requires the presence of thevim-plugin-syntax plugin.


  • Matflo Code snippets - a number of common code snippets can be found in the main menu (bind mm). There are also a few quick snippets such as creating an if( !XXX_ValidRecNo ) statement based off the current variable under your cursor using keybind cvr (Check Valid RecNo).
  • Display current function name with f or jump to the top of the current function with ff
  • Single-line commenting for Plugin, SDF, DF Alias and WIKI files using com to toggle comment on/off.
  • Hash include shortcut to convert the filename under your cursor to a #include "xxx_lib.h" statement using hi.
  • Save/Quit menu for people who can't remember how to do this in VIM ;) this can be found in the Main Menu by pressing mm
  • Convert a Template file using its file name. For example you can rename a template to manual_loc_lib.c, edit the file and run the converter. Every instance of XXX/Xxx/xxx will be converted to MANUAL_LOC/ManualLoc/manual_loc. This can be accessed in the main menu (mm) and selecting Convert Template.
  • Show output of hg status . in a new split to the right. Also includes Syntax highlighting to replicate the output seen in the terminal (as best as possible). You can then choose to "invert" the status of a file by hovering over the file and pressing <C-x> (ctrl+x). For example, an uncommited file is ADDED and a modified file is REVERTED etc. You can also open a file from this menu by pressing enter, the file will then be opened in a new tab on the left. Tabs can be switched between by using gt.

Main Keybind:

  • mm Draws the VIMBIUS Main Menu Popup Box, where you can acess most tools (including code snippets)

Installation with a Plugin Manager

  • Add the following to your .vimrc file where you would normally install plugins: Plug 'cburj/vimbius'
  • Save and Quit the file.
  • Open a new VIM buffer and call :PlugInstall
  • Wait for the plugin to clone and install.

Updating VIMBIUS with a Plugin Manager

  • Open a new VIM buffer and call :PlugUpdate


If you feel comfortable developing new features in Vimscript, then feel free to create a pull request and I will gladly merge in your code!

Planned Development

  • Config/Settings - allow users to set global options in their .vimrc that influence the behaviour of VIMBIUS. E.g. Disabling specific keybinds.
  • Show list of all keybinds in a Main menu option, to make things a bit easier to learn.


VIMBIUS is a lightweight collection of Syntax Highlighting and Programming tools, designed to increase productivity and reduce the time it takes to transition to VIM







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