Neuroimaging viewer using python, traits and chaco.
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Chaco Brain

The goal of chaco-brain is to create an interactive viewer for 3D and 4D image volumes. Ideally we will borrow the best ideas from other imaging viewers and take advantage of the strengths of Traits and Chaco.




  • Currently there is hard coding such that the code only works with 3D volumes. This needs to be abstracted so we can support 4D volumes and view voxel time-series when voxels are selected.
  • Have to select a file when the application opens, shouldn't require the user to do this. Should have a dummy or blank plots until uses chooses File > Open.
  • is a hack. This is a placeholder until we can use the Nipy Image class or brifti for getting this info.
  • Need storage for user preferences. Currently the user can select the colormap for the images, but when they reopen the Preferences the "top" cmap is selected, not the currently active cmap because we don't save this info.