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Allow multi-line comments between logical blocks (E302) #10

florentx opened this Issue · 4 comments

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(I've added it as comment of ticket #1, but ticket is closed)

Such code gives an error E302:

def a():

# Foo
# Bar

def b():

We should allow multi-line comments between sections (a.k.a Block Comments in PEP 8).
It is enough to find 2 successive blank lines somewhere before or after the block comments to satisfy the PEP8 requirement for blank lines.

Here is the proposed patch:

--- a/      2009-10-20 10:08:22.450102000 +0200
+++ b/     2009-10-20 14:51:27.686839248 +0200
@@ -233,6 +233,8 @@
     Use blank lines in functions, sparingly, to indicate logical sections.

     Okay: def a():\n    pass\n\n\ndef b():\n    pass
+    Okay: def a():\n    pass\n\n\n# Foo\n# Bar\n\ndef b():\n    pass
     E301: class Foo:\n    def bar():\n        pass
     E302: def a():\n    pass\n\ndef b(n):\n    pass
     E302: def a():\n    pass\n\n\n\ndef b(n):\n    pass
@@ -849,7 +851,8 @@
                 source_line = token[4]
                 token_start = token[2][1]
                 if source_line[:token_start].strip() == '':
-                    self.blank_lines_before_comment = self.blank_lines
+                    self.blank_lines_before_comment = max(self.blank_lines,
+                        self.blank_lines_before_comment)
                     self.blank_lines = 0
                 if text.endswith('\n') and not parens:
                     # The comment also ends a physical line.  This works around

florentx could you provide a test case along with the patch?

(It it is easier for you I would be happy to accept pull requests instead of patches.)


ok, i pushed the patch in my repo, with additional testcases


This branch is ready for review. Testcases included.
It fixes issues #9 and #10 and improve performance by 60%.

Pull request received will review.



This issue was closed.
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