IP65 - a TCP/IP stack for 6502 based computers —
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oliverschmidt Improved URL selector handling.
parse_url stores the URL selector in the output_buffer - which is currently 520 bytes. A new entry point called parse_url_buffer was added which instead stores the URL selector in a buffer provided by the user.

url_download now calls the new parse_url_buffer instead of parse_url. The buffer for the URL selector is simply the download_buffer. So the download_buffer is used twice: First to hold the URL selector to be sent as request to the server and then to hold the response received from the server.

However, the URL selector still can't exceed the MSS (aka 1460 bytes).

Note: The User-Agent string was shortened by two bytes as that allows a "default" URL (incl. 'http://' but without port number) of exactly 1400 bytes to end up as 1460 bytes URL selector.
Latest commit bb5bcde Nov 13, 2018


IP65 consists of three parts:

All three parts are available for three 6502 based target systems:

  • The C64
  • The Apple II
  • The ATARI (XL)

IP65 requires Ethernet hardware. There's no support for TCP/IP over serial connections whatsoever.

On the C64 there are two supported Ethernet carts:

On the Apple II there are three supported Ethernet cards:

On the ATARI (XL) there is one supported Ethernet cart: