A collection of movie studios and tv networks for XBMC skins.
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This is a free collection of movie studio and network logos. These can be used in skins for media center applications to visualize the information. 

Movie studio logos follow the naming as listed on imdb.com while TV network logos are named according to thetvdb.com. TV network logos are available for standard and HD broadcasts. The HD version is named <Network>_hd.<ext> for example FOX_hd.png

The collection is split into folders based on the size, style and extension. The primary folder is 161x109_mono_png where all the logos are in 161x109, are white with alpha channel (to be used with any diffuse color to change the display color) and are stored as pngs. In the future other sizes and possibly vector versions of the images might be created.

If you are missing any specific studio and network logos you can request them at http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dE5pOUxHM2tJYnl2QUgySy1DUE52TFE6MA

The whole collection is provided as-is. The copyright of the logos are owned by the respective studios and these images should only be used in a form according to copyright and fair use laws.