Recreation of tic-tac-toe in Javascript with the option to play against an AI.
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Try it out here.

Recreation of tic-tac-toe in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. This project was primarily an exploration into Javascript as a functional programming language.

I kept track of the game state via arrays and tried to create a point system of sorts to track this state. The purpose of this was two-fold:

  1. To make it easier to check if a player had won without iterating over all possible sequences of 3 adjacent positions.
  2. So that the AI could decide which move is most likely to result in a win or most likely to avoid defeat.

The purpose of this project was not to write perfectly encapsulated code: I used global variables heavily and integer values where an enumerated type or user defined type would've made the code a lot more breathable. The true purpose of this was to get more comfortable with jQuery and Javascript and to write a unique set of algorithms such that the CPU ensures the user never wins. The project was largely successful on both of these fronts.