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Add unbind method #15

davoclavo opened this Issue · 6 comments

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David Ben Oakes Craig Campbell

There should be a way to disable a single key combo, instead of using reset().


I did this simple yet not so fancy solution, without the need to go through all the bind methods to 'parse' the keys, instead it replaces the callback with an empty function and removes its entry from _direct_map dict

edit: How do I add commits to my comments :P?

Ben Oakes

I'm just randomly stopping by, but I figure I can help, so I will. :smile:

@davoclavo You should probably make a pull request instead. If you're unfamiliar:

  • Go to your fork
  • Click the "pull request" button
  • Add a description, etc.
  • Check the "diff" tab to make sure the code you're intending to contribute shows up
  • Submit it


I just sent the pull request, but I can't find a way to link that request to this issue... shall I do it manually?

Ben Oakes

I think just mentioning the issue number will get us what we want: #31


thanks again!

Ben Oakes

np, happy hacking :smile:

Craig Campbell ccampbell closed this
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