ctrl+n, f5 do not work #159

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    Mousetrap.bindGlobal('ctrl+n', function () {
        return false;

never called


This is working fine for me.


Do you have any other information?


I tried your link with both IE and Chrome and a new window is opened instead of the alert. i also tried F5 and the site caught it and asked me if i want to realod instead again of the alert. I do not know how else can i help u


I am not binding to F5, but because of the way jsfiddle works you have to first click inside the "Result" pane so that it has focus before pressing ctrl+n.


hmm whatever i try i get a new window and for F5 locally i get a refresh. I tried F5 with another framework and works fine


is there any piece of code u can give me to test it locally?


ctrl+n on Windows and cmd+n on Mac also doesn't work for me on all browsers. I think it's impossible to support this because it's reserved by the browser. The same holds for mod+w, mod+p, mod+t, mod+q. There are quite some topics on this, e.g.: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=33056

If you find a cross-browser workaround then please let me know, but it doesn't seem possible.


Doesn't work for me either (Chromium 33 on Arch Linux)


Doesn't work for in Chrome and Opera!

Misiu commented Aug 27, 2015

This shortcut is reserved in Chrome (same as Ctrl+T), but for example Ctrl+D works fine (by default in Chrome this calls add to bookmarks dialog).
It would be nice to override Ctrl+N but I guess there isn't a workaround for now.


@ccampbell what do you think about having Mousetrap log a warning if you try to bind a shortcut that it knows won't work? I'm thinking a short, hardcoded list - mod+n, F5, mod+t, etc.

I'm happy to write this and submit a pull request if you think it's worth doing. It would have saved me a bit of googling time if Mousetrap said "hey, that binding you just set isn't going to work, and here's why: ".

kafeltz commented Sep 23, 2015

Isn't just a problem of e.preventDefault() would solve it?


No. Chrome doesn't send keystroke events for these key combos at all.

kafeltz commented Sep 24, 2015

@apobekiaris What is your OS?

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