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Commits on Oct 25, 2013
  1. @joneshf

    Merge pull request #2223 from tarwich/master

    joneshf authored
    SelectByRegex Plugin
  2. @tarwich

    Fixed a syntax error

    tarwich authored
  3. @tarwich

    Removed invalid key: issues

    tarwich authored
  4. @joneshf

    Merge pull request #2220 from lite3/master

    joneshf authored
    move TortoiseSVN from channel.json to repository
  5. @joneshf

    Merge pull request #2202 from siteleaf/master

    joneshf authored
    Liquid Syntax
  6. @joneshf

    Merge pull request #2217 from soulmen/master

    joneshf authored
    Sublime Plugin for Ulysses Style Sheets
  7. @joneshf

    Merge pull request #2198 from FMCorz/master

    joneshf authored
    Added PasteAnywhere
  8. @joneshf

    Merge pull request #2209 from firerishi/master

    joneshf authored
    Updated i.json with Ironman Color Scheme
  9. @joneshf

    Merge pull request #2093 from JasonMortonNZ/patch-1

    joneshf authored
    Updated Bootstrap 3 Snippets as it now follows SemVer versioning.
  10. @joneshf

    Merge pull request #2215 from tbueno/guard_update

    joneshf authored
    Sublime guard now compatible with sublime 3
  11. @joneshf

    Merge pull request #2204 from Spirit55555/patch-1

    joneshf authored
    Add ST3 version of EncodingHelper
  12. @joneshf

    Merge pull request #2214 from fbird/master

    joneshf authored
    The pomodoro plugin is also workable in sublime 3
  13. @joneshf

    Merge pull request #2213 from GentlemanJ/master

    joneshf authored
    Added "Project Sync" package information
Commits on Oct 24, 2013
  1. @tarwich
  2. @lite3
  3. @sawyerh
  4. @lite3
  5. @lite3
  6. Fixes a JSON syntax bug

    Friedrich Gräter authored
  7. Adds a label to ULSS package

    Friedrich Gräter authored
  8. Switch to tag-based URL for ULSS

    Friedrich Gräter authored
  9. Added package for Ulysses Style Sheets

    Friedrich Gräter authored
  10. @FMCorz

    Added PasteAnywhere

    FMCorz authored
Commits on Oct 23, 2013
  1. @joneshf

    Merge pull request #2212 from fkrull/master

    joneshf authored
    Add 'Extract Sublime Package'.
  2. @joneshf

    Merge pull request #2211 from amullins83/master

    joneshf authored
    Explicitly indicate Rake compatibility with all versions of SublimeText
  3. @JasonMortonNZ

    Remove OS line

    JasonMortonNZ authored
  4. @tbueno
  5. @Neway6655
  6. @GentlemanJ
  7. @fkrull

    Add 'Extract Sublime Package'.

    fkrull authored
  8. @amullins83
  9. @amullins83
  10. @amullins83
  11. @amullins83
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