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- Shell
- Smalltalk
+## Building
+Rainbow gets minified with the closure compiler. You can install it on OS X via Homebrew:
+ brew install closure-compiler
+To build a minified version of your changes, you can run the compile script:
+ ./util/ --core
+In case the compiler cannot be found (which is the case if you installed via Homebrew),
+you will have to specify the path to the compiler.jar (see `brew info closure-compiler`) -
+here's an example:
+ CLOSURE_COMPILER=/usr/local/Cellar/closure-compiler/20120710/libexec/build/compiler.jar util/ --core
+If you want to build a custom version, list the languages you would like to include as
+command line arguments:
+ util/ ruby javascript
## More Info
If you are looking for line number support you can try one of the following:

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