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Max Metal Delta Printer
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Geared Extuder
Drill Guide.STL
EZStruder Mount.STL
Electronics Housing Bracket.STEP
Electronics Housing Bracket.STL
Electronics Housing Side Bracket - Smoothie Left.STEP
Electronics Housing Side Bracket - Smoothie Left.STL
Electronics Housing Side Bracket - Smoothie Right.STEP
Electronics Housing Side Bracket - Smoothie Right.STL
Electronics Housing Side Bracket.STEP
Electronics Housing Side Bracket.STL
Electronics Housing Top.STEP
Electronics Housing Top.STL
Electronics Plate.STEP
Electronics Plate.STL
End Stop Cap.STEP
End Stop Cap.STL
FSR Piston.STL
Foot Riser.STEP
Foot Riser.STL
Heated Bed Insulator Bracket.STEP
Heated Bed Insulator Bracket.STL
Idler Hub v2.STEP
Idler Hub v2.STL
Idler Hub.STEP
Idler Hub.STL
Limit Switch Bracket v2.png
Limit Switch Bracket.STEP
Limit Switch Bracket.STL
MW Power Supply Bracket.STEP
MW Power Supply Bracket.STL
Power Supply Bracket.STEP
Power Supply Bracket.STL
ReprapDiscount Plate.STEP
ReprapDiscount Plate.STL
Reset Button.STL
Spool Arm.STL
Spool Cone.STEP
Spool Cone.STL
Spool Holder Bracket 2.STEP
Spool Holder Bracket 2.STL
Spool Holder Bracket.STL
Spool Holder.STL
Swith Bracket.STEP
Swith Bracket.STL
Tensioner Cap.STEP
Tensioner Cap.STL
Top Vertex.STEP
Top Vertex.STL
Trick Truck Belt Clamp v2.STEP
Trick Truck Belt Clamp v2.STL
Trick Truck Belt Clamp.STEP
Trick Truck Belt Clamp.STL
Trick Truck Belt Spacer.STEP
Trick Truck Belt Spacer.STL
Trick Truck.STEP

Max Metal Delta Printer Files

License Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

These files are designed to be used with the all Aluminum Delta printer frame that can be purchased from Trick Laser

Print recommendations

All parts are deigned to be printed with a layer height of 0.1 mm. Use of a slicer that can combine infill layers is highly recommended to reduce print time.
I am printing 0.1 mm layers with 3 stacked layer (0.3 mm) for all sparse infill.

Slic3r and Kisslicer Pro are known to be capable.

Small parts

The Idler Hub is an optional design vs. using the Open Builds idler assembly. 2 are required for each tower along with 2X 11 mm OD X 4 mm Wide x 5 mm ID bearings. v2 of the part is ment for the thicker idler arms that are now provided with all kits.

The Trick Truck Belt Spacer is required to keep the belt parallel to the axis of travel if you are using Trick Trucks.

These parts must be printed at 100% infill at 0.1 mm layer height. A larger layer height may create dimensional issues depending on the slicer used.

They must be flat! PLA should provide sufficient strength.

Tensioner Cap

Print at 80-100% infill. The jack screws will put stress on the parts as will final tightening the of 5mm idler screw. If you use these, you will need to replace the stock 30mm long idler screw with a 35mm long screw. A pair of 3mm x 16mm long screws and 3mm nyloc nuts will be need for tensioning.

EZStruder Mount

This part is chunky. We don't want it flexing under heavy retractions and it will see some radiated heat because of proximity to the stepper motor. Print with 20% infill.

ABS or a nylon material is best, but PLA should be fine if your stepper is not running hot or is actively cooled.

Power Supply Bracket

Print with 25% or denser infill. It should not see much heat so PLA is fine.

Spool Cone

Print with support enabled

End Stop Cap

Small caps for the end stop screws you can put a wrench on or turn by hand. Stick the screw through with the head going into the counter-bore. Fill flush with epoxy.

Remaining parts

The other parts may be printed with infill and layer heights to suit.

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